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“Andre Lewis presentation was an extraordinary activity. He was kind and insightful, inspirational and motivational. Students were very attentive. He took the time to read them his book and explain that it was possible to accomplish dreams through education and good will. I think he should come again to present his other books. We’re looking forward to seeing him again.”

Ana Bojorguez

Curtis Elementary

“…to whomever was responsible for getting the books. You should have seen the kids walking to the bus…looking at their treasures. They were barely watching where they were walking. I bet for some this is their very first book. I know he has written more books – and I, for one, would like to put my vote out there right now, that we bring him back!”

Annie Flores-Aikey

Shearer Elementary Summer School Principal

“Andre is one of nearly 500 presenters that we work with throughout the school year including, the Smithsonian, NASA, the Denver Zoo and many, many others. While all of our presenters are of the highest quality that we can find for our students, Mr. Lewis is at the top of the grade. His presentations and connections with our students have become legendary in our district.”

Kelly Eastes

Chief Public Relations Officer, Natrona County Schools

“Mr. Lewis has presented his book, The Fitness Challenge to all of our after school programs, totaling 49 schools and over 4,500 students. At every site his positive, energetic presentation was welcomed. The motivation and empowerment that students receive at Mr. Lewis’ presentations is inspiring.”

Ginger Crutchfield

Director of Children's Programs, Harmonium Inc



If you believe…a book can be a treasure