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All books are created to be given freely to children.

Are you interested in ordering books or having one created? With over 15 years of publishing experience, we enjoy the opportunity to create dynamic customized literature to meet the needs of our clients and inspire the communities they serve. What sets us apart is our ability to use a systematic approach, working with experts in the field, and listening to our clients to create literature about any issue or topic. Having years of experience of advising organizations has provided us with an advantage on how to improve effective communication with clients using these customized literary tools. This lead to us creating a 501(c)3 nonprofit Literary Tools to distribute books freely to children. These books are not just meant to be read to children, but given to children so they may keep the book and remember the experience for a lifetime.

We are just individuals who want to make a difference and make things better in every community. We have over 25 years of experience working with non-profit organizations and school districts. We are willing to help anyone or any entity that has a strong fervor to help others.

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