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Customization Process/Timeline

Objective: Create an illustrated book regarding the positive impact
Meet with Author (1 day)
Author provides initial framework of story (1 week)
Representative provides input to Author (1 week)
Author creates storyboard draft (2 weeks)
Representative review storyboard (2 weeks*)
Author writes script to go along with storyboard (2 weeks)
Representative review script and final storyboard (2 weeks*)
Author does layout of script and starts final illustrations (12 weeks)
Representative review final layout (2 weeks*)
Final: Printing & Shipping
Author prints book. Once books are printed and shipped to warehouse, Author will notify representative of arrival (10 weeks)
One time shipment to location provided by representative is included in scope at no additional charge (1 week)
*During review process, representative will have a chance to make suggested changes. If no response by 2 weeks, Author may proceed to next phase. Any changes after starting final illustrations may incur additional cost.
(Timeline - all times are approximately): typically total time is 40 weeks from meeting with Author to shipment of books to client.

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