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July 8, 2020
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July 8, 2020
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A Daddy’s Dream (Case of 30 books)



It is hard to put into words the love a father feels, when he sees his children looking into his eyes with pride, faith, security and unconditional love. My chest swells, my eyes glimmer, and the widest grin fills my face because I am thankful the Lord has blessed me with these precious souls to guide. I loved them before they took their first breath. I cheered when they took their first step. I never felt more complete than when they first said, “Daddy, I love you!” No matter what else happens in my life, I have had the pleasure of experiencing something you cannot unless you are a Daddy!

I salute those fathers who have chosen to be an integral part of their children’s lives, especially those with daughters. I hope and pray this book will touch the hearts of fathers and children everywhere. I believe it is my job to inspire my daughters to believe in their dreams. My only want for my daughters is to be self-confident in their abilities to do anything they decide. They should expect nothing less than the very best. A father should be his daughter’s first love. It is through his example of being a father that a young lady sees the desirable qualities to look for in a future mate. I hope the fathers of little boys are preparing their sons to be real men and, one day, great fathers. This is “A Daddy’s Dream!”


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