The videos will be on vimeo and with other educational material.

Video Examples

Inspirational Video Request

Literary Engineers’ goal is to create a video catalog that will inspire all children no matter what profession or career they desire. We plan to achieve this with the support of people like you who have the same desire to make a difference in children’s lives.

Understanding the importance of providing examples for others to follow, I would like for you to create a video (in landscape format – using a phone held side-ways) between 2 to 5 minutes (Ted Talk Style) addressing the following questions. These questions are just a guide. You can exclude or include what you think is best to achieve the objective of inspiring the next generation: 

1) Please start with stating your name, occupation, educational background (if desired).

2) What inspired you to choose your path of profession, degree, or job?  career highlights? 

3) What have been your biggest challenges in the pursuit of your occupation/degree/career and how did you overcome them? 

4) What does your five year plan look like?

5) What is your favorite book? And why is reading important to you? 

6) What’s an inspirational message you would like to provide to adults and youth...academic message...resiliency message...professional message...or all of the above? 


Please send the video to via (a free service). Please type in the message how you want your information displayed:

Title of your video, your name, your job title and if you have it your linkedin profile ID.

Here's an example:

"Can $10 Change a Life," Andre Lewis, FedEx Pilot and Author,

Please share this with others you feel would be interested in supporting this effort!